Kiva Non-Profit Advertising

This school project focused on creating a series of advertisements for Kiva, a non-profit organization based out of San Francisco. Kiva supports people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. They do this by connecting loaners with borrowers from various parts of the world, thus facilitating the exchange of funds between them. Kiva’s mission is to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”


Aimed specifically at young adults

Grayscale layout specifications

Goal is to increase involvement among young adults in North America

theme considerations



Arts & Crafts


Using the same layout for the three pieces helped maintain consistency across the ad series

The modern, bold typeface was used to appeal to the young target audience

Large illustrations/icons were used for easy visualization and recognizability

The faded background images were introduced to set the tone and provide context for each piece

For the full project brief, please contact me.