Quantarium Rebranding

This freelance project focused on rebranding Quantarium. A fast-growing company, Quantarium is one of the most accurate sources of property insights for over 153 million U.S. properties and trusted by major mortgage lenders, financial institutes, housebuilders, direct marketing agencies, and real estate professionals across America.


Developing a clean, smart and intuitive logo design

Choosing the right typography to match the nature & name of the business

Rebranding Quantarium to complement its rapid growth and give it a facelift for marketing purposes

design elements



Repeating Theme


The stylized letter ‘Q’ in the logomark forms a simple human silhouette

The visual identity for this company revolves around the almost-human component of Artificial Intelligence

The wordmark uses a modified version of the typeface Handel Gothic to speak to the technological nature of the company

For the full project brief, please contact me.