Rockwell Typeface Booklet

This school project focused on designing a typography specimen booklet for X-height Studio Inc. The goal was to advertise a specific typeface (in this case, Rockwell) and market it in a way that demonstrates its full potential and range.


Determining an appropriate theme and allowing the typeface to take on the intended personality

Goal is to attract readers to purchase Rockwell after discovering its history, personality, and potential

design rationale


large elements

Eye is drawn to the largest elements on the page first



Dynamic design, implies movement

contrasting colours

Easy to visualize information


Provide context & are easy to understand


Used a bold, imposing layout to showcase the personality of the typeface

Large icons were used for easy visualization and to provide context

Colour was an important element dictating eye movement and highlighting the most important features of the typeface

For the full project brief, please contact me.