Unison Web Design

This project’s focus was to redesign the company website for Unison Construction Management. Based in Vancouver and operating since 1991, Unison was a construction management company that delivered interior design, construction management, and project management services.


Improve user experience

Address web page loading time

Create better information architecture

tools used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop




Migrated website from SquareSpace to WordPress

Organized content and improved information architecture of website

Decreased page weight and loading time

Integrated brand elements to maintain and enhance corporate identity



Page speed score

Fully-loaded time in seconds

Page size (MB)



Page speed score

Fully-loaded time in seconds

Page size (MB)

client testimonial

Unison Construction had a strong brand identity within the Vancouver market, but its website needed an upgrade to reflect that. Visually it seemed sufficient to the average person, but from a function standpoint it needed some serious work. It was slow, was not optimized for SEO, was not user friendly to update, among other issues. Tea Mihaila stepped into Unison and was in the process of changing that rapidly. In a very short time, she was able to identify our current issues and create a roadmap for the future.

The new version Tea created was amazing. It was modern, it was easy to navigate, it simplified Unison’s process to the outside consumer, it was SEO optimized, it was easy to update.. quite frankly, it was awesome. It is a shame that events outside of our control did not allow us to share it with the world, but Tea will no doubt create future websites that will meet and exceed what she did for Unison’s.

Brady Irwin

Sales & Business Development, Unison

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